View Full Version : Cannot connect to info server!

06-11-03, 17:22
hi, im trying neocron and i cannot connect to the info server. i am behind a software NAT (on another machine, win2k box). Ive tried it without the NAT andworks perfect, but this cannot be done (unless its at about 2am :lol: but i dont wanna keep swapping patch leads....)

ive mapped these ports:

UDP 5000-5016
TCP 12000
TCP 8020
TCP 7000
TCP 8040

they are all mapped from external access (device connected to the internet) to my local machine and still no joy. am i missing some port mappings? i havent mapped internal UDP to external as the NAT is clever enough to do that....any help?

anything would be *GREATLY* appreciated!


06-11-03, 18:38
Take a look at http://www.neocron.com/index.php?name=NeoContent&op=modload&file=index&pageID=36 and see if you can figure it all out.