View Full Version : Mods at PPU spells

Cpt Dread
30-10-03, 17:23

I have problems to figure out what the effects of mods on PPU spells are. For example is a +damage on a heal spell then a better heal effect? Can deflectors be made to last longer? Can someone explain the effects of the stats of the ppu spells?

Cpt Dread

30-10-03, 17:41
best mods for PPU spells are range mods to enable yourself to cast em from a greater distance. dunno if damage effects PPU spells, but doubt it.

30-10-03, 17:50
Damage - increases the rate of the heal and the strength of shelter/deflector. Does NOT matter for boost spells (like pistol combat boost and the like)
Range - self explanatory
Frequency - self explanatory, but usually the faster the better. :)
Handling - no effect IMO

There is no mod which makes a spell last longer tho.