View Full Version : Random crashes (comp restarts)

20-10-03, 02:04
I just installed a new motherboard, ram, and HD. neocrons running off my old hd, i have winXP home, SP1. i updated my video drivers, anything.

id be playing and my computer would randomly restart, i checked if it was my power and its not, so i installed all the new drivers and it still happens, if any1 can spare a few words on how to fix it i would greatly apreciate it ^_^

20-10-03, 02:30
When I first built my computer 2 months ago, I had a similar problem.

A blue screen with a STOP error would flash and my computer would restart.

It turned out to be bad RAM. Maybe you are having the same problem.


20-10-03, 02:46
yea, i saw that post. turns out they test the ram when i bought it so unless it got fucked up in shipping or installation then its something else. it loads up in bios fine, i dont know how else to check it out. i dont have the problem with any other programs as well

20-10-03, 04:28
What mobo are you using? Also, do you have XP Home running on both HD's and using both HD's on the same system?

If you are then maybe your XP Home install on your original HD, the one running Neocron, is realizing that it is not operating on the mobo that it was originally. XP doesn't like hardware changes, especially major ones like mobo's. It thinks you are trying to do something that you are not allowed. Intuitive, eh?:rolleyes:

Have you tried installing Neocron on your new HD to see if it works that way? I know that it's a bitch to reinstall, but at least you would be able to copy the patches over from your old HD and you wouldn't have to download them again.

I don't know if that's the problem, but it's a suggestion I guess.


21-10-03, 01:36
ha, your right sir *tappa tappa* THX ^_^. hmz0rs, i love you:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :lol: