View Full Version : PP Epic, plz help.

18-10-03, 01:46
i seem unable to finish the pp epic, because of two reasons:
1. this guy at the gabanium mine, he is untargetable, but can be killed to get a "mission completed" message.

2. as far as i read in the forums i need to go to oz_08, which of course is completely sealed off from the world. i tried 3 entrances. all blocked.

GMs give NO help at all, as do players. i'm getting the creeps. i spent lots of resources and time into this epic and i want to be able to finish it, is this too much to ask for?

EDIT: ok, i've made it into oz 08 with a trick now. but i cant see how to get out other than selfkill. i also dont know, what i actually have to do there.

18-10-03, 03:07
Go to oz Station.
Walk one sector to west.
Go to the entry there.
There are a lot of NPCs choose yours.

KK did that, cause OZ8 is closed.

PS: Try to use the 'trick' at K_14 for entering the DOY Sector1 ;)

18-10-03, 14:48
thx. anyone know a way out of oz_08?