View Full Version : Patchpack Download?

16-10-03, 14:49
Hi everybody!
Finally decided to install Neocron again, so I was wondering where I can download the Patch Packs?
I have the ones up to 172 but no more, and the autoupdater is as usual a bit slow...

Thanks in advance :D

16-10-03, 14:56
one big patch who include all patches so its only needed to install this one patch and not 234234 single packetes

16-10-03, 14:59
Yes that would be nice, but I want the patches _now_ so can someone please give me a quick URL since the autopatcher stinks, I wanna get to playing ASAP! :)

16-10-03, 16:47
Nevermind I got the rest of the patches from ftp.neocron.de