View Full Version : Unable to run... crash every time...

12-10-03, 22:56
I have a seriously freaky problem. Whenever i try to RUN I crash to the destop.
No error messages, no other issues.

I can shoot, walk, talk and do everything else... But when I try to RUN for more than a second or so at a time, the game crashes.

I'm using WinXP Professional, DirectX 9.0 and Radeon9600 Pro with the new Catalyst 3.8 drivers.

I have recently upgraded from my old Radeon 7200 and Win98 to my current Radeon9600 Pro and WinXP.

Besides an updated mouse driver and the change from Win98 to XP and the gfx card replacement I have made no other chamges to my PC. The game worked just fine with Catalyst 3.7 before I replaced my card and upgraded to XP.

Any suggestions on what might cause this and, more importantly, how I can stop it??

To sum up: The game works perfectly in ALL other ways besides running. When I try to run, the game crashes after a second or so.

13-10-03, 23:58
Try and turn your num lock off.

14-10-03, 09:30
Disable your ATI taskbar icon