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10-10-03, 01:25
Can anyone help me or have I just got to wait?

I'm doing the NEXT epic and have been told I have to go to OZ8!! But in the neochronicle it tells u this has been shut by the BDs, to be reopened soon. When u go round there thru Bump Asylum secret passage, it is blocked off, is it like this if u go the long way round? (thru the industrial sector)

Has the NPC that I need to speak to been moved?

Or have I just gotta wait til its reopened?

Thanks for ur help :p

10-10-03, 08:29
8 is still open, i think its 7 that got closed.

EDIT: I DO however remember, that it is really hard to find the entrance to, and that you can't just go from oz to oz like 1-2, 2-3, 3-4 etc, cause when you get to 6 oz 7 is blocked off.

10-10-03, 09:47
OZ8 ?, i guess then you are looking for Max in the prison sector.

Yes in the neochronicle it has been closed by BD. there were a few threads that complained about this. i think Max has been moved temporarily just outside the blocked entrance from the wasteland (a 09 i think)

Exit Neocron city from the outzone station, turn right and go one zone east (thats the way i always went to OZ8). i havent checked it myself, so apologies in advance if i'm wrong.

10-10-03, 11:12
gr8, thanks guys, I used to use the secret passage in Bump Asylum to get to oz8, but that is blocked too!

Will try your solutions tonight and hopefully get my free speedbike & reveller soon :p

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11-10-03, 01:14
Thanks, I found Max just outside the entrance in a09. did that mission, got my free speedbike.
Did mission 4.
On mission 5 now, been to desert ractrack, spoke to the guy there, he said that the keys to the test reveller have been stolen, go to find richard...............guess where, oz3!!!!!!!!

So where have they moved Richard to?? He isnt with Max outside oz8. :(

Is oz3 still acessable?

Any help would be much appreciated! ;)

19-10-03, 12:54
if your still stuck, you can still get to oz 3, the easy way is to go out of oz station and go WEST 1 sector to the other door, this takes you to the crahn abbey which i think is in OZ 3 but if not theres a turn to the left which goes too what i think is oz 3, lol i cant really remeber but im pretty sure.


28-10-03, 11:26
Richard is in OZ3 (not OZ8)

Easiest way to get to him is via Pepper Park and through both Industrial sectors.

Richard can be found in the back of one of the 'garages' that fact each other and are connected via a bridge (that you normally walk under to pass through the zone)

The garage usually has a hurler spawn and the hurler can kill Richard so you may have to camp the garage for a while and keep killing the hurler to allow Richard to spawn.

I dont want to spoil it for you but theres another NPC to find after Richard before this part is completed :-)

30-10-03, 20:46
I did this a while back. But if you go out of the main Neo door, turn left and follow the cliff, you get to a long ramp up into OZ near the Crahnn abbey as mentioned above.

Go up the ramp and pass the first entrance on the left. Take the next on the right (a dog an plants here). Take the next on the right again.

Some of this bit might not be correct: left and follow round to the next on the left, you go under a bridge and then jump up onto the railway siding thing to the left just after you go under that bridge.

Cut back the way and in the door. You will find Richard in that building. But you may have to wait, because a Hurler spawns right beside him and sometimes kills him.

Wait till the Hurler spawns and takes some damage from Richard, then kill the Hurler.

If you are low level, buff up with as many resists as you can and then start talking to Richard. He is pretty nasty at lower levels and can kill fast with a HEW Light Pistol.

Kill him then go to talk to the insane wimp in PepperPark. That bit is easy.

The next bit is quite hard. It is easy(ish) to get to the oasis, but you have to move quickly through some of the nastier zones as the warbots can be lethal.

Good Luck