View Full Version : Login problems on Saturn

09-10-03, 01:02
Ever since i logged before the new patch, i've been unable to log back into Saturn server.

All i get is a "connecting to server message", and the get dropped back to the server selection screen. Sometimes it even seems to freeze for a while.

I have no such problems on any other servers. My chars there work fine, on Saturn I don't even get to the char selection screen.

I've tried reinstalling NC xompletely, repatching,etc. but it hasn't worked.

I ahve sent a message to tech support almost 2 days ago now... No reply, apart from an automated ticket, which probably means the reply will take weeks... :rolleyes:

I hope i won't have to reinstall damn Windows to try and solve it....

09-10-03, 01:20
The most common reason for this is a firewall. They have a tendency to block Neocron's access after a patch because they think it's a different program.


09-10-03, 03:29
I've disabled firewalls, uninstalled virus protection, reinstalled NC severaltimes on both hard drives, even used system restore to go back to my old settings...

None of which worked. I guess this may be some kind of bug, as I can access all other servers, and the chars on them were created before the patch... Which means there is either a net connection problem, or the connection times out or something.

Unless anyone has any other ideas?