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08-10-03, 04:46
How does the apu effect the ppu. On the announcements it says 3(-30%) im a n00b and dont understand what that means. anyone know

08-10-03, 05:13
Basically this means that if you add a level (not a skill point) into APU, it cuts off roughly half a level in PPU and vice-versa.

This system, along with MST, is in place in order to keep Hybrid Monks limited in their abilities. Before they got nerfed. Hybrids were very, very, powerful. I wasn't around when Hybrids were truly viable (although I play one now, as my only character, on pluto), but I can tell it was something.

Anyway...for the starting Hybrid, this really sucks. If you position your stats wrong, you'll either be:

1.) Unable to fire off those boosters properly
2.) Heal for negative hp (meaning heal would DAMAGE you)
3.) Have your attack spells give hp to mobs instead of hurt them

When I started out, I made sure this was not a problem. After some time, I had to LoM some PPU out into APU, but I was still a techical hybrid. Right now I'm pretty much back to my old self, but my APU is still trailing slightly above my PPU in order to balance my survival-to-time-to-kill megaratio.

All in all, at endgame hybrids will be able to use a good set of both worlds, but unless spec'd properly, they can't do very good, especially when a situation calls for the entire side of either APU or PPU, and that's not even talking about the extreme ends of either side. They're pretty self-sufficient mid-game though, as far as I can see. Another problem with being hybrid is that there is no capability for capping a lot of your spells.

Hint for people actually wanting to try Hybrid: You'll find it a lot easier starting out to just keep to your starting levels of spells and instead of leveling your passive or aggressive skills, put skill points in PPW.

One skill level of PPW is equal to two skill levels -- one skill level in APU and one skill level in PPU. Equation-wise, and how the game works out currently, this is true. Quantity-wise, you will achieve a greater effect putting two skill levels into PPW rather than one skill level into PPU and one skill level into APU. PPW also gives out tons of extra mana. Knowing this is vital to keeping your hybrid viable from beginning to end.

Enough of my plugging hybrids =P A good rule of thumb is, if you want to be APU, don't put any points into PPU, and if you want to be PPU, don't put any points into APU. You'll need all the skill points you can get to pump your preference up. Just remember to add some skill points to MST and PPW whenever you can.

08-10-03, 09:09
A small example to make it easier to understand.

Let's say you have 100 PPU, 50 APU and 75 PPW.

Your PPU will be reduced to: 100*0.65 + 75*0.35 - 50*0.3 = 76,25
Your APU will be reduced to: 50*0.65 + 75*0.35 - 100*0.3 = 28,75

As you can see, the penalty on the "weaker side" (in my example APU) can be much more than 30%.

08-10-03, 14:09
In your example, 75 PPW = 75*.35 = 26.25

28.75 - 26.25 = 2.5

If it weren't for the PPW, you'd be unable to use your APU side at all, showing a good example of a hard-to-play hybrid.

This is why PPW is more important for hybrids than with pure builds, in one sense. The other sense being that you need more mana to be offensive AND defensive. Also, I believe it's hard enough to manage a quickbelt as a pure build, so imagine if you try working your QB when Hybrid. :eek:

I know, this post wasn't exactly necessary eric, but I felt like I had to analyze your data. ^^;

08-10-03, 16:04
PPW is important for all subclasses, the hybrid AND the pure ones.

Just the pure ones without DS can't but a lot into PPW because of the specialization bonus. But that's a different story.

08-10-03, 23:39
...So, in your opinion, for which kind of build is PPW most important?

09-10-03, 00:01
Huh? If you have a negative damage % on your heal you do damage?

09-10-03, 00:44
It's what I've understood. But now that I think about it, I doubt the heal would actually be applied at all. I just remembered WHY boosters don't go on you if you fuck up your psi stats too much. So yeah, I'll take that back, and say that you can't heal even if you meet the prerequisites if you don't have enough final value on the PPU side. Sorry about that. ^^;;;