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07-10-03, 23:15
I Have a real problem understanding the resists and how much to put in each ... i knwo like what resists to pump up etc but like am i doin to much or to lesss .
Ive read some posts onit but yet to crasp it fully

Im not askin for some 1s perfect resist/con set up ( but i wouldnt say no lol :D )

I would like my pe to be able to pvp more and like take on the BIG bad mobs who drop the guzo shiznit stuff ( like y troppers / doy soldiors / mc5) but i can neva seem to get it rite i always die so fookin easy ( and this can be very disheartening when i wanna widen my NC gameplay and not just settle for hunting WBs which gets very very boreing)

thx any help is appreciated :D

Whiety Bulger
07-10-03, 23:45
MC5= xray and energy I belive. PvP resists are highly debatable but engery is a must

07-10-03, 23:52
yea but do i like have nrgy at like 110 or xray or is that to much like if i go past a certan point its not worth puttin any more in

08-10-03, 00:20
114 is the cap on resist skills.

http://neocron.ems.ru/resist.html <-- Use this so you can put your armor/skill resist setups into better form.

EDIT: http://www.jg.dodv.de/temp/NC-Resi.xls <-- also try this is you need a simulator. It works off the ems site.

Disclaimer: All this stuff ain't 100% accurate, or so I understand, so.

08-10-03, 00:50
thx ill try understand it :wtf:

but my comp for some unknown reason doesnt have a prog that can read that file ( its a new comp to liek 3-4 months old) do u or any 1 know of a freeware prog that can read these types of files?

08-10-03, 01:50
I know of one that can let you read it, but...it doesn't let you use the .xls the way one would want to use it, so no point in linking. ^^;

I guess you'll just have to work with the sitelink instead of the .xls unless you can grab a retail copy of Microsoft Excel.