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07-10-03, 02:56
I've been trying to get up to snakes so i could level decently but I keep getting killed by the sentry robots on the way there. So I was wondering what the safest route to snakes is.

07-10-03, 08:32
Go to tescom and then go south east towards the zone to the south, but don't zone.

Instead, go east until you zone. Go about halway into the zone and head north, and you should see a big temple.

Pretty much there aren't any bots south of the temple, but north of the temple is home to about 4903242037403247023740237402374237827166123 bots, so don't go there :D .

21-10-03, 12:53
get a rhino or have someone drive you there in one
a lil late perhaps, but what the hell

25-10-03, 13:29
Take a anti-city allied PPU and use his/her to buff you. At least you can be ressed this way if it all goes pear shaped.

09-04-04, 15:00
Join The City Mercs

10-04-04, 18:54
1. Do not bump old threads.
2. Moved to "Player 2 Player Help"

10-04-04, 19:31
go somewhere else lvling when you anti-doy? ^^