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06-10-03, 03:02
Hello... A friend of mine is trying to get Neocron, because he likes the way it looks on my system, however, there is a major problem.

Whenever we install it on his computer, and get into the game, the graphics act all glitchy and textures vanish and then reappear and all kinds of other things. This problem starts once the login screen appear. We've tried using 16 bit graphics, low quality settings, different resolutions, installing the latest graphic drivers for his card, and deleting the installer and redownloading it. Nothing has worked at all.

He is running Windows 2000 professional, with a GeForce 4 TI4200 running with the latest drivers. He meets and exceeds all the minimum requirements, and I am totally stumped as to why this is happening. Any help is appreciated.

06-10-03, 04:43
Which processor is he using, how fast is it, and how much RAM does he have?

Also, what is your setup?


07-10-03, 08:07
Unfortunately I cannot contact him at this time, so I will post my system specs, and tomorrow when I get a hold of him I will edit this and post his.

I am running on an
AMD Athlon 1800+ 1.5 gig processer
NVIDIA GeForce 4 TI 4200 125 meg graphics card
I have 512 mb DDR 3.33 ram
(edit - forgot OS)
Using Windows 98 SE

08-10-03, 01:18
Alright, posting my friend's system stats

Windows 2000 Professional
AMD Athlon 1gigahertz processer
384 mb ddram 3.33
NVidia GeForce 4 TI4200 64mb graphics card

09-10-03, 06:25
My roommate runs with the following:

AMD 1GHz processor
Windows ME
GF MX440 SE 64MB

and he doesn't have any problems.


Does your friend have any problems with other games or just Neocron?

What is the overall performance of his system? Does he have a lot of programs running in the background?

My suggestions here:

If he can get in game set all the graphics settings on his install to yours and see if that works.

If possible, put your RAM in his machine and see if it works that way, maybe he needs more RAM. Do the same thing with the video cards.

Is his machine setup to use Virtual Memory? If it's not, it might help since he doesn't have a lot of RAM. If he has enough hard drive space.

Since Neocron is very processor intensive he may need ot turn off, disable or uninstall any programs running in the background in order to run properly.


I don't know if any of this will help or not, but it might be worth a shot.

Let me know.


09-10-03, 19:54

Thanks for your help, as a matter of fact a ton of stuff is running in his background. I personally think (not know) that his computer is infected with at least one or two virii or trojans. I know for a fact that it is riddled with adware, that for some reason adaware cannot get rid of. He has absolutely no problems with his other games (except for a horrendous load time and minor ingame lag), though Neocron is the newest game on his system. One of the main problems I am having with looking around on his system, is that I am unfamiliar with the OS. Run commands I know do not work for him. I can't access the startup config screen to see just how many programs are running on his startup. I can't even get to DOS to format his computer (yes, that is one of our options).

He of course has no idea how his computer works, what is in his computer, or how to combat spyware and virii. I had to use DXDIAG to get his system information, as he had no idea what was in it. So I think what I'm trying to say here, is that I'm going to chalk this one up to virii and possible adware, and the fact that he is clueless when it comes to technical issues (he is a hardcore gamer though). Maybe I can convince one of my other friends to try it out. Thanks for your help though, it was much appreciated.

14-10-03, 13:59
Try installing the latest DirectX Version if you dont have it.
I've heard that it can help against suckystrange graphics.