View Full Version : Looking for vehicle components or VC data cubes,...

01-10-03, 05:37
Hello all I was curious if anyone knows where to kill mobs that drop vehicle components or if anyone has vehicle component data cubes I could research on Saturn.....

01-10-03, 09:42
By far the best place to get VHC parts and VHC component parts are the Sewers in Tech Haven. Those turrets and the security bots there drop loads of em.

For lvl 7 to lvl 10 parts you have to kill high rank mobs like warbots or fire mobs.

01-10-03, 13:23
The vehicle components 1 - 10 can be bought in crytons tools, but the higher ones are very expensive (approx. 250,000 depending if you got a barter).

similarly component parts 1 - 7 can be bought. the others, 8 - 10, i usually get from fire mobs like the decayed horror or brute (level 100/100 and 95/95)

alternatively DM me in game as either Axeman or Dalvara most nights (UK time) and i'll get you one of each. i'll even throw in some BP's of the components 8-10 ;)

01-10-03, 15:01
I dont think you can buy component parts 8-10 in the shops. I had to hunt for the ones that I have.

I got all my parts from hunting in the sewers in TH. Kill the Heavy Sentry bots. They are the only ones, in the TH sewers, that drop higher TL Vehicle parts and Component parts as far as I know.

Warbots and other higher mobs also drop vehicle parts and components, but I think it is easier to get them in TH sewers.