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24-09-03, 08:02
Is it possible to wear the str 135 PA for a tank? If so what chips do I need to get +35 str? Or what do I have to do?

24-09-03, 08:59
Its only possible with Drugs.
The PA stats and requirements will be changed in one of the next Patches.

atm you can implant:
Hardenbackbone 3 (+5)
Marine CPU (+5)
Hercules CPU (+6)
Berserk 3 (+5)

for a total of +24 STR.

You need 129 to wear PA3 (+6 are coming from PA itself=135)

24-09-03, 16:28
good luvk finding all those chips as hercs are rare as dodo shit

24-09-03, 21:09
Ok so the only ones I need now is

Marine CPU (+5)
Hercules CPU (+6)

And you get the Herc at MC5 right? I just maxed my str out last night and have 9 more con left and my tank is capped. Does anyone have a fast and easy way to cap con? The fastest I've gotten so far is to stand in a corner and hit myself with the Doom beamer and have a PPU stand by to heal me. It gives me about 10k per shot. I guess I will have to do a lot of rare hunting for the Marine CPU chip because I do not have those parts at all.

Its funny they have these armors and you cannot wear them... Makes no sense.