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18-09-03, 13:23
I have recently added a Linksys BEFSR41 Router to my home network so i don't have to pay for so many extra IP's from my ISP but i am having problems connecting to neocron,.. Or rather it connects but doesn't do anything.... It gets to the "Synchronizing" screen and just stays there,... I was playing fine before i added the router,... What is the problem and how do i fix it specifically?
I have Win XP Pro. and a Cable modem connection.

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18-09-03, 16:42
try forwarding a few ports to your neocron pc.

officialy these ports are used by neocron:
TCP/IP: 7000, 8020, 8040, 12000 (all remote)

UDP: 6000, 6001 (both local); 5000 - 5016 (all remote)

but for my "router" I only needed to forward port 8040 tcp.
Check your manual for details on how to forward ports.

Also mayb someone can help me out with a simular problem, I'm using a iptables ( linux, redhat 7.1 ) to route my internet connection and to be my firewall.
I've forwarded all the ports neocron officialy uses towards my pc now, using nat prerouting.
However, I got two characters on pluto and every time I switch one I have to wait atleast 30 seconds before I can login again. Otherwise I will get that same 'synchronising' screen that 'heyfunny' has right now.

Any ideas? more ports?