View Full Version : Play Nc through a proxy?

16-09-03, 08:37
I just wanted to know if it's possible to play Neocron through a proxy.
Further i think i have to say that it's not my own proxy, the proxy belongs to the school and i wanna play in school if it's that boring again ;-)

hope you can help,
greetz Huleo

16-09-03, 08:55
go to www.download.com and download http tunnel.. thats should help
make sure your teachers doesnt see it though, you sure get "banned" :p

16-09-03, 11:41
Thanks for the information

i'll try as soon as possible.

Greetz, Huleo

16-09-03, 11:50
And the error was:
Proxy Session Failed

16-09-03, 12:09
in httptunnel:
proxy = proxy adres (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx)
port = 8080 usually

username and pass is your regular login most of the time.
in case your starting a program set the proxy adres IN THAT PROGRAM to ( is a so called "loopback". read: your own computer) and the port to 8080 again.