View Full Version : Runnubg 2 accounts on 1 computer

14-09-03, 02:19
Does anyone know how to do it. I thought I read a post about it earlier but cant find it when I do a search.


14-09-03, 19:30
I don't get it. Running two accounts on one computer ? Like typing the other account's name into the login-box ? :confused:

14-09-03, 22:40
no, like running two accounts on the same computor at the same time.

15-09-03, 00:44
no, like running two accounts on the same computor at the same time.

15-09-03, 06:07
Its very simple. Make a copy of your Neocron-directory and open the neocron.ini in both directorys.
Add these line into both files:

LOCALPORT = "xxxx"

xxxx -> portnumber (8000 and 8020 should work)

Now start both neocron.exe. You should be able log in with your 2 accounts now.

15-09-03, 12:20
u dont need to edit both ini files... one should be enough (one account runs the standard settings and the other one uses port=x) just take any port of which u know it isnt used by another application


16-09-03, 15:48
Proxy Session Failed

I have no Proxy :wtf:

I can Play with Port 7000 and I can Play with Port 7020.

If I try to start both, then the first logs in and the second says 'Proxy Session Failed'.


17-09-03, 15:31
Do you mean playing on 2 different accounts or 2 different characters on 1 computer? Is it possible to log in 2 characters from my account? at the same time?

17-09-03, 15:46
2 Accounts.
2 Chars with one Account is not possible.

17-09-03, 16:21
Thanks Void and livide, It workede beautifuly,. I m now runnig two accounts on one computor


17-09-03, 21:36
and for which purpose?

18-09-03, 16:26
So one char can poke another, cash transfering ,GRing your new char. :)