View Full Version : graffics issue

11-09-03, 19:47
My PC recently went wrong for a while and I couldnt boot up my PC again. I reinstalled windows and now I I cant see the graffics on my moniter but I can hear the sound of the music when you reach the log in screen. Does any1 know of any software which is needed to display neocron properly?

Brute Forced
11-09-03, 19:54
Try to get new drivers for ur grafic card

11-09-03, 20:25
I would get new drivers but my PC wont let me install any new software which affects how the PC operates. Is there anyway which I can flick a switch to allow windows to be updated?

12-09-03, 20:23
whats a giga191? hehe....

Try reinstalling NC.... or get somne service packs for windows.... or... or.... i dono


12-09-03, 20:48
whenever i try to update windows it reboots and says "preparing to start ur new computer" and then it says windows could not update the setup and configuration files from 1% to 2%". If there r any computer wizzez out there plz do not hesitate to tell me what to do.