View Full Version : Need help with install

08-09-03, 23:13
Im trying to get neocron installed on one of my friends computers so he can start playing.

the problem is that his C: Drive is only 2 gigs. enough for win2k and swap. He has tons of room on his d-f drives, but the Neocron Trial EXE doesnt allow me choose where to unpack the temporary install files.

I cant install the game and get him playing untill i can get the temp install files on his computer so i can install the game to his d drive.

Any help? command line perameters or anything for selecting a destination temp file folder?

13-09-03, 03:11
kinda lucked out, free room on the drive.

15-09-03, 14:37
you could use partition magic or any simular program to resize the c partition..

15-09-03, 19:14
ya, thats going to have to be the solution. Was hoping for a faster fix, but oh well.