View Full Version : Assistance with Graves (Yucida Village)

08-09-03, 14:52

yesterday I tried to reach the famous "graves".

Yes, tried, because I had no chance at all to get there.
It was easy to get through the canyons, but the grave itself is
totally surrounded by NE defense/scout units.

So, any tips to get in there?


08-09-03, 15:05
i dont know how helpfull this will be but here goes.

the easiest way is if you have stealth. that way you can get through the tight spots between the DoY units.

the next thing, whether you have stealth or not, is to approach from the southeast. keep close to the northern edge of the zone below the graves until you are about 2/3rds the accross then zone up into it. at that point when you look north you'll see a ridge. its basically luck if theres a DoY unit on the other side but by running up to the top of the ridge that will give you a good vantage point to look all the way to the ruins.

another good point is to open the options menu (ingame) and switch off the force-fog option. that will give you maximum seeing distance but may be a bit laggy.

you could possible try to make the journey using a hovertec, hopefully zipping past the defense units before they shoot, but i've never tried that.

Richard Slade
08-09-03, 15:30
Three options:

*Switch faction to Crahn, TG or FA they won't get hit by my little cuddlies

*Wait for the flying vhcs and don't bother those grounded low lives

*Get a Rhino and start doing some side to side driving. Should keep u alive all the way.

Not helpful but not really unhelpful...

13-09-03, 03:25
Walking from Tescom --> east middle of map.
Then walk until you see the units, mostly they are in north east and west of the building, try to get from south in, mostly it works :)
If you are droner launch a poor drone from the shop to take them a little away from the entrance.
take care :D