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08-09-03, 13:25
Hey. ive been reading all i can on resist and ive had some of the best people of my class explain them too me. but im still struggling to understand it. i cant seem to get my head round it all. can you lot try and help me understand this. ? pweease. :D

08-09-03, 14:53
Resists guide, posted by me on my account which hasn't got a Neocron account linked to it (http://neocron.jafc.de/showthread.php?s=&postid=871574#post871574), some of the numbers in it might be slightly off, as it's dependant on how correct neocron.ems.ru (http://neocron.ems.ru) is, but it's currently one of the few guides which explains resists.

08-09-03, 15:25
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09-09-03, 14:56
im not gonna give you exact settings cause its always better if you find it out yourself and learn about what you need yourself
i can give you a few tips though :)
use armors that gives the most resist so you wont have to spend much points into that skill (inquisistion armor give a lot of fire resist, more then energy so i would prefer this over duranium, except for the vest, you could use viperking or powerarmor there.)
and for the "natural" skills: balance it, dont spend all into 1 thing like energy, but balance it (in combination with your armor) out.

you can also choose to be fast instead of having good resists. my tank has ~127 agil and ~100atletics.. only problem is when someone parashocks you (just use anti-shockfluid drugs in that case :))