View Full Version : Some key bindings not working

02-09-03, 17:52
Hi... I'm binding 1st/3rd person perspective switch and minimap keys to the keyboard but when I go ingame they dont work for some reason. I have switched them to several different keys but none of them work. This is strange since the movement key changes I made work.

Anyone have/had this problem and know what might be wrong? thanks. I have checked the keys.ini as well and it seems to bind properly to the keys ive set and also corresponds properly to the in-game gui key settings. Dunno whats the problem.

03-09-03, 14:14
some of the key functions require you to hold down another key at the same time - the default is Alt.

03-09-03, 17:03
ya I found that out.... I set the key binds to only E or M for example for the 3rd person/map keys but in game that wouldnt work. I found I had to set them to the alt+ variation for them to work. Wierd.