View Full Version : Problem with NVidia FX 5200 video card

02-09-03, 11:03

I have a new PC and a GeForce FX 5200 video card.

The following problem shows up:

When looking to the ceiling I get exactly 90 fps. When starting the RPOS the fps goes down to 40.
Turning off RPOS, the fps goes back to 90.
After switching the RPOS on and off for about 4 times, the fps stays at 40.
I need to relogg to get back the 90 fps.

My questions:
- How can I change this behavior?
- I have heart it is possible to change the maximum fps rate to a higher limit. For me it seems that the limit is set to 90 fps. I have the impression that it could be higher
- Are there any tools which I can use to change my graphics settings?

Any help is welcome. Thank you.

06-09-03, 08:59
Theres no way to raise the max fps... the problem sounds like its with your cards settings... do you have the latest drivers? and also what are the specs of the rest of your computer?

06-09-03, 12:25
uhm im on a 5600 ultra but i dont get anything like that, around a 10fps drop with RPOS open yea but nothing high as 50 FPS, Try drivers however what is the spec of the rest of your PC? May be system RAM as your continuously changing your RPOS status that causes it to stay at 40fps.