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27-08-03, 13:51
Hi all,

I started a Conster/Droner just recently and I'm encountering
strange problems:

If I hit ESC twice (might have hit ESC thrice) to quit droning,
it happens that I end in a strange 90 degree 3rd person view.
I also cannot launch any new drones in this mode.
ALT+E doesn't work. I always have relog to fix this.

Another small problem; i find that droning is a very expensive
hobby. While Weapons usually last a long time, drones tend to
be destroyed very easily. Or is it just that I'm not experienced
enough to save my drones from destruction?

Thanks for you help,

Constructor/Droner (Uranus)

27-08-03, 14:12
Drones do have a lot of problems, there are numerous threads about it so i wont repeat them.

the third person one is normally cured by the Alt-E command but since yours isnt working i'd check what your control's are set to at the login screen.
As for not launching drones, try putting more than one drone in your quick slots, if one doesnt launch put it away and draw another that will usually launch with me.

yes droning is expensive. after a while you get a bit experienced at how much damage you can take against each type of mob. this isnt perfect, you still lose some, but hopefully not as many

27-08-03, 16:37
Looking here will help:

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