View Full Version : Alternative Colour Schemes?

24-08-03, 13:32
I just noticed, that on several screenshots, the colour schemes of peopels RPOS is different.... i was just wondering, how do you change it? O_o

25-08-03, 16:32
Hi Opar!
Its possible to create some colorshematas.
They are saved at the rposcolor.ini.
There are some Programms to create them in WYSIWYG Mode.

You can Try this Tool ( NCSetup (http://www.thesatyrn.de/nc_hp/NCSetup.zip) ) or this Online Tool ( RPosColor (http://www.neocronnetwork.de/extras/rposcolor/) ).
They are German but who cares?
Take the Online one because its rather english.

25-08-03, 23:43
So wheres this rposcolor.ini file....I cant find it...

26-08-03, 11:01
A good place for ini Files should be the ini Folder inside the Neocron folder.
Take a look.

26-08-03, 15:11
hiya haj ;)

Thanks ^^