View Full Version : More Launcher heartbreak.

20-08-03, 15:55
just when i thought i had installation down pat....

when patching up my machine.....
i've deleted patch 159 so that it doesnt try re-download 160.
(ok check)

then..launcher wants to re-download 186. this is all very well but as soon as it finishes downloading 186 i get a pretty message saying NeocronLauncher has created an error - blah blah. an error log will be created -blah blah [an error log is created in my neocron directory but it's as empty as a redneck's bookshelf].

i've tried pre downloading 186 from the ftp source but the launcher still wants to download 186 from the game server.

any advice to quell my heartburn ??

20-08-03, 16:17
In your patches folder, you will find 2 versions of patch 186:
- The one you need to keep, that you got from the ftp.
- The one you need to delete, which has 'temp' in its filename.

21-08-03, 15:43
thats what i've been trying a few times now.

download 186 from ftp into neo's patch directory, but the launcher still wants to download 186 from game server.
if i let it go on.....it says that the neocron launcher 'created an error'.

wasn't there supposed to be an updated launcher available somewhere ?

the launcher i got is on hardcopy, and it came with patches 136 to 143.

i'm using compaq 800mhz processor, 200mb ram, riva tnt 32mg card (with updated drivers woohoo).

21-08-03, 15:50
i've read in another thread that with the 186 problem try deleting patch 185 as well

couldnt find the thread, but hope it helps.