View Full Version : What next in quests?

20-08-03, 01:34
Hi, ive just completed the CIty Admin epic quest (finally!) and was wondering are there any other quests open to me without changing faction? so i can earn a bit more dolla?
Many thanks


20-08-03, 10:51
You can do missions if you are a tad low on cash, but they are not as rewarding as the epic quest.
Go to a citycom, then select "missions" then choose "runner missions" then pic the faction you want to do the mission for, and the level off difficulty.

20-08-03, 11:07
The only mini-quests available arn't really for getting cash but obtaining the current power armors

ie tangent mini-quest to get the current temporary spy pa and the crahn mini-quests to obtain the various types of psi-monk power armor.

all of those power armors require very high levels and the missions require some faction sympathy (not sure if a CA could do the crahn one)

generally its as forseti said there are only the normal missions or go hunting or go tradeskill depending on your character

20-08-03, 11:07
hi, thanks but what i meant was ive heard rumors of doing a DOY epic and stuff and someone said there are other quests that anyone can do (other than the standard missions) was wondering of anyone has seen or knows abotu them?

20-08-03, 11:23
ah right, so you can do cross faction missions, excellent, ill try that! cheers