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15-08-03, 13:31
Hi there,

Heard something about stealth activators making people semi transparent.

What are they, what are requirements for this and where do i get one ? :)

any web page links would be great ?

15-08-03, 13:39
go to any cryton tech tool store and check ;)

they all need lots of INT / DEX and TC

usually the very best resource for info is http://neocron.ems.ru but dunno if the stealth activators are in there as well allready

15-08-03, 13:41
Cryton Techtools:
Stealth Activator DEX=90, INT=60, T-C=80 Stealth mode for 10 seconds
Stealth Activator II DEX=100, INT=70, T-C=95 Stealth mode for 20 seconds
Stealth Activator III DEX=110, INT=80, T-C=105 Stealth mode for 30 seconds

Obliterator DEX=120, INT=90, T-C=110 Stealth mode for 90 seconds (parts from mobs)

edit: damn someone was faster *looks up* - and exactly the page where i got the info 8|

15-08-03, 14:26
Cheers for the help :)
couldnt help the double post (well technically i could :P)

18-08-03, 17:51
Has anyone seen parts for the Eraser? It's supposedly another rare stealth activator. I see a record for it on the rares table at www.croncom.com, but i've never seen or even heard about it in-game.

Does the Obliterator really make you completely invisible, i.e., no ghost?