View Full Version : Ati Xtasy 9500 pro..???

14-08-03, 04:24
ok i get in game and eveyrhting runs in slow motion.. i can turn my graphics down to 640X480 and turn them up to 1600X1200 and it will run exactly the same.... anyone ever get this problem... i had this problem with tribes 2 also and it was soemhtign witht he anti ailiasing... dose anyone know anything that could help me? ive turned all thje GFX allt he way and and allt he way down.. it isent lag or no memory its soemthign withthe softwere.. please help me!!!!

14-08-03, 09:06
write a e-mail to tech@neocron.com and include the EXACT specs of your computer. including RAM/grafic card/soundcard and all other hard&software components.

they should be able to help you.