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12-08-03, 18:45
I just had to reformat my drive because of a worm that had really messed up my computer to the point where the system was only stable for a bout 30 seconds before it crashed, but now when I go to reinstall neocron(from the version I dled off fileplanet) it gives me the error: Cannon initialize installation(CRC).

I am running a 1.6ghz pentium with 512 mb of ram. 64 mb Geforce 4 Ti 4200. Windows XP. Any ideas?

12-08-03, 21:38
If noone knows the answer, could someone tell me where to go to get more info?

13-08-03, 12:45
try downloading again from http://www.dome-of-york.com/download

15-08-03, 16:16
Your installation is corrupted to try downloading it again,
try the above dome of york link.

17-08-03, 01:23
Well, I partitioned my drive into 2 parts. One part was 2 gigs for my operating system and the other was 38 for other assorted programs. I dled neocron onto the 38 gig part, but for some reason, it would only download as much as there was room on the 2 gig drive.

Reformated, repartitioned, redownloaded, reinstalled, re...errr...worked.

Mighty Max
17-08-03, 09:04
Thats because windows is saving it temporary in the Internet-Temporary-Files-folder.

You may use a download manager where you can choose all directories.