View Full Version : Object Removal Tool

07-08-03, 12:44

Does anyone know anything about the Object Removal Tools that became available lately?

I have some possibilities in mind... but I'm not sure.... can it be about removing mods from slots? Or to pick up Items like boxes or cabinets for the purpose of moving? (in the future of course... who knows, maybe furniture will be obtainable)

Well, if anyone knows something that's more accurate then my ideas, pls reply.

Thanks in advance

09-08-03, 15:01
Seems to be the tool to remove dynamic placed objects that were available for short time in one of the last patches.
These objects (like tables, plants etc.) got removed from the game as the removal of those wasnt finish.

12-08-03, 21:32
I tried to use it to remove people..... didn't work. :D

13-08-03, 14:19
You can equip it and get a targeting crosshair... so I'm assuming it is for the removal of objects and not mods from slots.

13-08-03, 14:25
AFAIK it is used for removing placeable objects from the appartments, which will be implented soon (as I read in the Neocronicle).

Thats it :)