View Full Version : loss of all rpos settings

06-08-03, 16:59
ok nc has stopped fre`s with the last patch now it just locks up my entire machine and i have to do a hardreboot.

2 days ago it did this however it appears to have broke something within nc during the crash also as now its refusing to save any rpos settings.

everytime i logg in i have all my windows closed the tip of the day feature is now enabled and its turned off all my custom channels

ie: the game is now totally back to default as if i`d just installed it and it does this every single time i login now.

anybody know how to fix it cos its pissing me off having to spend 10 mins sorting out all my windows etc every time i login.

also when your in your appt those little help boxes that popup everywhere how do you turn them the fuck off my jupi char has them off but all my other ones have them on

07-08-03, 13:13
yeah.. same thing happend to me like 5 min ago

tried re installing the game.. but end up with the same problem..

does anyone know what the #### is going on?

07-08-03, 14:10
theres a thread about this on english community chat with odin and codi commenting etc have a check about it called keyboard crashing nc?

07-08-03, 16:56
about that popup problem hinch, it tends to happen to me after relogging, but if i stay on the same char once it's happened once, it wont happen again...

About the RPOS Problems... I really don't know, I've had nothing like it, if reinstalling didn't help (firestar) then there's probably something in your settings somewhere that either you set, that the game doesn't like (and restores to default?) or something else that I really have no clue about :P

I can't really help much on this one, never had this problem so know nothin about it... I think you guys should probably go post it in the User Interface related bugs (http://neocron.jafc.de/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=28) forum...
maybe yell about it on community talk...