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“Get down!” Yelled cryptochronic, as the bolter shots howled around their heads. As one, the warriors of first company threw themselves into the dust and lay there still as corpses. Which is what they would be, thought REMUS, if we don’t get the hell out of this death trap.
Crypto still stood upright surveying his men, ignoring the heavy calibre bullets mixed with rifle shots coming in from all directions, explosions all around him and making no impression on his aura of calm. Clouds of dust sullied the monks once immaculate black uniform, and tarnished the silver skulls of his collar studs, but somehow Crypto managed to be as relaxed as if he where on parade.
“Get into cover”, he barked, not even flinching, as tracer fire whistled past his ear. He paused, took careful aim with his smg, and snapped off a shot. Somewhere in the distance there was a gurgling scream. “Get off the road”
REMUS surveyed the jungle warily. The trees covered the road at this point, and covered the hillsides of this god-forsaken valley. Bloated red and green tendrils of blood fern leapt up like explosions of colour around the bases of giant conifers. The sweet narcotic perfume of the bitter blooms filled the air with a sickly musk. Tiny jewelled lizards, distant cousins of the great man-high carnivores of the plains, surveyed him with cold alien eyes. The dull lustre of their greenish scales reminded him of mutants.
What a terrible place to die, he thought. He had never imagined he would go to greet god from some north country jungle in some forsaken, hell spawned, back water sector code named called Prae-adoia three or four that he had never heard of until he was dropped here five days ago as routine part of his tour of duty, when he was inducted into the glorious first company of his new clan Dark Light. But then again he always imagined a heroic ending in a magnificent battle, not a gattleing cannon shell in the back of the head in a skirmish against Mutant raiders.
Ironically a heavy gattleing cannon shell bit into the ground in front of his face. He blinked as a shower of grit and small pebbles swirled around his head. His eyes felt red and irritated, as his vision cleared, off to his left he heard a scream. Twisting his head around he saw Tupac. The big man writhed around on the ground like a maddened serpent. Suddenly he tried to pull himself upright and REMUS saw to his horror that half of his comrades chest had been blown away. Tupac was already auto gr’ing to a medibay. He just hadn’t realised it yet.
REMUS needed no more encouragement to heed Crypto’s order. He pulled his legs up from underneath him, and ran half-crouching towards the edge of the track, doing his best to ignore the hail of 5.56mm rifle fire that whizzed around him. Fighting back panic at the sound of another death scream, he pulled himself to full height, felt one moment of stark terror at the thought of the great target he made, and threw himself headlong into the bushes like a man plunging blindly into water.
He landed rolling, as he had been taught in basic martial arts training back at tech haven so long ago. The move brought him smoothly to his feet in between patches of undergrowth. All around the giant trees soared skyward, their tips ending nearly six hundred feet above his head.
Tupac had always claimed that there was a method to this: that the commanders back at tech haven, always send their men where they would learn something new, become hardened till only the toughest of the tough survived. REMUS doubted it. He just knew that somewhere a jackass clerk wearing immaculate purple and golden robes of the tactical command was sticking a jewelled pin into a sector chart, which he would remove if we all died.
He forced himself to smile at the thought, to try and see some humour in this desperate situation, to try and make him self not think about the fact that he was apparently alone at the bottom of this slope, in a jungle full of Mutants. Warily he scanned his surroundings, but in the distance he heard a chorus of howls erupt in the forest once more. He saw the glittering red winks of laser rifle and the intense green fiery glow of plasma weapon fire and saw the strobeing answering flash of crude gunfire. For a moment he froze. Part of him wanted to duck back into cover and huddle there until the fighting was over. He wasn’t a veteran tank yet; a cowardly voice that he knew was his own told him. He lacked those power-armoured tanks’ utter dedication and fearlessness. He was just a man.
Another voice told him that his best chance of survival lay with getting back to his unit, where he would be surrounded by comrades who would cover his back and add their fire power to his own. He also knew that if any help came it would come to the company. After a moments reflection he decided to listen tot the second voice. He moved once more towards the fighting, trusting his third level duranium to protect him.
The sounds of fighting where closer now, he could see a small building a mid the conifers, the ruins of some incredibly ancient shrine. He could hear Crypto booming orders and see plasma fire scorching the buildings walls.
Through the arched window slits gattleing weapons and assault rifles pumped in mutated fists sending answering fire back at the first company. He heard the roaring and grunting in their bestial tongue. Some of the mutants had obviously retreated here after they had ambushed our armoured column. Maybe it was some kind of command post.
REMUS ran up to rejoin his squad, “where have you been” a corporal asked inquisitively as he clutched his helmet to his head as another explosion followed by a wave of dust and dirt flowed over them, “decided to take a little stroll, did we?” REMUS smiled, rose up to one knee, and snapped off a shot at the building. Something inside screamed. “We are being evacuated right now, transports ETA 30 seconds” spluttered the corporal. Sure enough the building erupted into mushroom type clouds enveloping the Mutant compound as the transports descended out of the sky pummelling the position with even thing they could muster. Like the cavalry thought REMUS, thank god for the cavalry.
As he watched the battlefield disappear from the clouds, he knew that in ten days he would be fighting in some other back water region of the planet, but if it made him stronger, then maybe his glorious battle would come sooner than he hoped, and maybe he would be ready for it to!

Just wrote it hope you enjoyed it :)

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fucking thing didnt keep my paragraphs :mad: cant be asked to edit it now, too tired 5.02am o_O

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nice story remus ! :D

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EDIT: Oh yeah I forgot to say nice story ;).

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Ahaha that was sooooo fuckin funny, he was just runnin around, healing guys, while I shot him and he didn't realize he had no shelter on, and yeah, I think it was about 10 guys, maybe 8 :p.

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well, mehhhhhhhhhh >_< havnt got a clue what all of that has to do wiv meh storwee

glad some of u guys liked it i guess i could write a cpl a week or somthing just to keep the forums a little more varied rather then most of the crap that is spawned around ere :)

i suppose i could also do requests, kramer u want a poem for lisa? hehe ;) , OMG FREELANCE WORK PEH MEH MOHNEY!

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Write a story about how I'm gunna kick Smokey's ass if he doesn't pay me back plz ^_^.

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it was a dark night, smokey was walking back from the pepper park whore house being a little bitch as useual, then all of a sudden remus and nonamebrandeggs drop from the roof top and proceed to land squarely on the bitchs head (code name for smokey untill he pays my money back too) his body contorted and spasmed as he hit the floor heavily with an almost sickening crunch, but noname wasnt in this game for mercy, he grabed the bitchs hair raiseing the old timers bloodied face up and spoke calmly yet with a sinister tone " pay the money back soon or expect a vist and a 500% increase in the required sum old man ive waited long enough" before slamming the bitchs head into the hard floor, recomposed himself and walked calmly and confidently back into the night knowing that he WOULD get his money or he would have the satisfaction of ending smokeys esistance, while remus beat the shit out of smokey...........


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I cant believe ur gonna sell my old PE account :(

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Originally posted by nonamebrandeggs
Ahaha that was sooooo fuckin funny, he was just runnin around, healing guys, while I shot him and he didn't realize he had no shelter on, and yeah, I think it was about 10 guys, maybe 8 :p.

damn it! i missed that little skirmish! wish i was there, sounded like fun. Anyway nice work then noname and pete...untill the nex t meeting! :)

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Originally posted by Dardalion

I cant believe ur gonna sell my old PE account :(

Its boring now ive capped him, besides hes mine now bwhaha i can delete him if i fancy it *laughs even more evily*

you still got love for him have ya, why not buy him back off me then if its worth posting here completely irrelvantly :p

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Bump for my cool ass old story :p

God, i've been looking through some of my old posts... I apologise for my behavior. :o

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Ive just been trawling through the forums, your right though.... this sucker is 9 years old!

Forget My Name
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Nine years old or not, this story is pretty damn amazing.

I am glad this got dredged up from the bottom of the forums.

This makes me want to invest more time into fleshing out my own Runners in game!

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holy wall of text :)