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El Barto
04-08-03, 01:23

How do I upload my own Avaters and set that image and text that people have at the bottem of their posts?o_O

04-08-03, 08:45
profile - edit options - change avatar - upload avatar :)

profile - edit profile - signature

the tag for a picture is (without the *):


rules (http://www.neocron.com/index.php?name=NeoContent&op=modload&file=index&pageID=27#forumrules):

Avatars and signatures:
Stormbot (Reakktor) and Copbot (Volunteer Moderators/GM's) avatars are of the exclusive domain of Reakktor staff and volunteers. Avatars/Signatures may not break other forum rules. Signatures may not be higher then 100 pixels in height, 6 lines of text or a combination of the two. Length may be as long as you want it provided it does not extend the screen on a 1024*768 resolution. You can check your signature by right clicking on it and choosing properties. It will give you a length and width.

be carefull not to violate the rule above when choosing yyour signature. ;)

El Barto
05-08-03, 00:01
Thank you :)