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01-08-03, 00:42
Alrighty... so I killed a TG runner, TG is HOSTILE to me (N.E.X.T.). Afterwards I gained and lost sympathy from all factions. NOW my Fallen Angel faction sympathy is at -18 and is not raising( as in -17, -16, -15, -14..) How can I make this raise? I dont want to be in the red numbers or else im utterly screwed.. and banned? from FA..

Please respond ASAP! And yes the person I killed was a threat.

Thanks for your time.

01-08-03, 07:44
You can only raise it by killing FA enemies ... which screws over OTHER symps ... there is no way out, just face it ...

If you are in the positive numbers again you can do Missions for FA

You lost Symp because FA is allied to TG

Or at least allied, dunno exactly ...


01-08-03, 10:12
Over a fairly long period of time all sympathies 'gravitate' towards +10 (which is stupid for enemies imo - should be -10).

Athon Solo

15-08-03, 16:40
This is why you need to read the Faction history's to find out
who's friend and whos foe.

Just killing people because their red isn't genius and usually
has unexpected results like this.