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25-07-03, 00:29
Please help, Im having problems logging on to neocron, every time it goes to a synchronising screen (except when a start a new character and first log in) I get the message "synch to worldserver failed"
please help :mad:

El Barto
04-08-03, 01:12

Might be the fact that you have your Firewall on.

15-08-03, 16:41
Did you try all servers?

It's either you have a fire wall that needs to accept the port
neocron is running on, or the server is down.

15-08-03, 23:07
I have had a problem like this, no its not from a firewall. Its the server (I think......)

Heres what I see when it happens to me


16-08-03, 00:12
Its happening to lotsa people on Saturn, Uranus and Pluto afaik.
There are a couple of threads about it in the Com English forum