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04-07-20, 15:38
Power Armour Rebalance:


• Buff PAs which are currently underperforming and allow for more varied builds
• One of several steps towards classes have identities (e.g. glass cannon, hit and run, etc)
• Balance all PAs against each other so future changes, once resists calculations are reviewed, are simpler to adapt
• Weights of most PAs changed to be consistent between all versions


Moving towards a more glass cannon / hit and run playstyle. Resists lowered slightly but more DEX skill points gained to allow flexibility in pushing damage, speed or utility higher.
• Resists reduced by average of 10%, excluding Holo Vest which gained a 41% increase
• Combat skill bonus increased by average of 15%
• TC added to all Spy PAs to allow for easier high combat builds VS a PE
• Combat malus removed
• Slight change in distribution of resists on armour.

o Silver

Resist distribution changed: PRC 18%, FRC 18%, ENR 16%, Xray 48% -> PRC 20%, FRC 20%, ENR 25%, Xray 35%

o WoC

Resist distribution changed: PRC 26%, FRC 26%, ENR 14%, Xray 34% -> PRC 25%, FRC 25%, ENR 25%, Xray 25%

o Regant

Remains PRC 20%, FIR 40%, PSN 40%

Endurance malus switched to bonus

o Holo

FRC 23%, ENR 35%, Xray 43% -> FRC 20%, ENR 40%, Xray 40%

No combat skill given but 90 points of ‘secondary subskills’


Moving toward a "Jack of all trades, master of none". Has lots of utility and viable options available.
• Resists increased by an average of 5%
• Reduced the amount of DEX combat skills but increased the amount of STR combat skills
• Combat malus removed

Dexterity PEs
• Reduced amount of combat skill by average of 6%.
• Buffed resist values slightly
• Removed ATH malus from WoC and Camo Pas
• Removed TC from Regant PA and END bonus replaces it
• Slight change in distribution of resists on armour.

• Silver:

o Resist distribution changed: PRC 35%, FRC 35%, ENR 30% -> PRC 30%, FRC 30%, ENR 40%

• Regant

o Resist distribution changed: PRC 21%, FIR 30%, PSN 49% -> PRC 22%, FIR 35%, PSN 45%

o Endurance malus switched to bonus

• Camo

o Remains PRC 20%, FIR 40%, PSN 40%

Strength PEs:
• Increased STR gain on regular PAs
• Increased combat points given by average of 16%
• Regular PAs now give MC as well as HC
• Altered the regular PA to give slightly more piercing and force then energy
• Regant PA no longer has HLT malus and gains END bonus


Naturally resistant to damage whilst having moderate damaging ability.
• Combat malus removed

Dexterity Tanks
• Resists reduced by an average of 5% to account for the increased damage potential of pistols & rifles

Strength Tanks:
• Resist values increased by average of 4% to account for slightly higher damage potential of weapons
• Combat points increased by average of 10% (largely due to Camo PA buff)
• Camo speed malus switched from ATH -> AGL
• AGL malus raised very slightly


APU moving towards a glass cannon who requires PPU support
PPU remaining very difficult to kill and almost requiring the removal of their shields to do so

• Resists reduced by average of 9%
• Movement malus switched to ATH and increased slightly
• Difference between APU & PPU set constant between all Pas (6 difference)

Summary of changes:

04-07-20, 18:49
When you say Combat malus removed - what does that mean?

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