View Full Version : Update R#41 - T#305 - Current Status

12-04-19, 11:01
You may wonder about the latest PTS Updates, here some Info: ;)


We're currently testing a lot of stuff with PTS - what's possible and what is not, that's why you see so many Updates for PTS on Twitter for example.
We're not lazy! We're doing great stuff for you guys :)

This includes: Event stuff (Easter for instance), AI Updates for several mobs/bosses, some fixes related to Gameworld Designs and other great stuff! :)

It may includes a surprise for the next Titan Update - who knows... ;)

Technical & Client Updates

We did major code changes to the AI script section, so we can implement new boss mechanics and NPC behaviour.
You will see some on Titan soon ;)

Gameworld & Content

We have fixed a bunch of typos in several scripts, descriptions etc., we also added a bunch of new "Hints of the Day". :)