View Full Version : Update R25 - T168

14-03-19, 19:35

increased duration of tier 1 buffs 360 -> 600
increased duration of tier 2 buffs 480 -> 750
increased duration of tier 3 buffs 600 -> 900
Cast speed reduction for Heals, Deflector, Absorber, Protector, (halfed)
Cast speed reduction for Primes (-1s)
Rejuvenation cast speed now same as TL3 Heal
Cast speed for PSI Shields significantly reduced

Bruder Malmsdoo
15-03-19, 23:42
Sounds gut. Ty Xanthtos! Btw....on retail i got instakilled by a persecutor today without seeing the fire aproaching. Is that a netcode problem? Do you think you can do something about it? Cheers