View Full Version : Update R#23 - T#124

22-02-19, 10:32

Crahn PSI Aggressor CPU v. 1.1

grants now +6 APU, instead of +16;

Hardenbackbone v. 1.0
Hardenbackbone v. 2.0
Hardenbackbone v. 3.0

INT Malus reduced;
STR bonus increased;

Experimental Reflexbooster v. 2.3
Experimental Reflexbooster v. 2.4

INT Malus reduced;
DEX bonus increased;

onero S
22-02-19, 21:02
Are reverse lom vendors supposed to have no inventory? Can't figure out any way to level up.

22-02-19, 21:44
Go to the Neoconstruct (there are warp stations everywhere. P1 for example has one).
There is a Crahn Altar to the Ceres Temple - here you can talk to the "Super Hard Mission Guy" to cap your character.


onero S
22-02-19, 21:52
Ah, wonderful. Thanks X!