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14-09-18, 11:24
A new Patch is available for Vedeena!

Gameworld & Content : Starter Gear and Skills

All classes/professions updated with new starter items and skills;
The first starter Drone is now stackable;

Additional information:

All character now get a Recycle tool;
All character now get multiple "First Aid" Kits and "Stamina Booster";
All character now get 3 "Milkyrens" (HLT consumables, recycleable with <5 rec skill);
Pure hacker characters (Spy Hacker and PE Hacker) now also get a pistol + ammo (was only hacknet software before);
Increased amount of "Empty Datacube" for Scientists;
Significantly increased amount of ammo clips;
Droner now get 5 Drones;
All character now get a "Flashlight";
Weapon and armor quality has not been increased, since the AMC5 tutorial missionchain now rewards additional armor and weapons with "crafted quality";

NOTE: Please test and give us your feedback!

15-09-18, 00:17
Initial Post updated!