View Full Version : WTB Energy Soulblade

24-09-17, 04:19
High-tech Melee WOC weapon mission requires this rare(?) piece.

Anyone out there who has one willing to part with it?

I got MC5 chips, Remnant PAs and some currency to trade with.

24-09-17, 13:31
If you get no luck buying one - it's a mob drop. I believe it drops from the boss cluster in the worm tunnels (if anyone can confirm that).

24-09-17, 13:53
Oh I know where it drops, it's just it happens to be in a chamber that's just not big enough for my droner to take out the damn thing without getting myself killed as it literally spews Radioactive beams all over said chamber.
There's water that prevents me from droning it from a safe distance too so as far I'm concerned I won't be able to solo it, at least not with my droner.
There's also a LOT of those other "Fey"(?) spirit things in the water so I can't just waltz in there with one of my other characters nilly-willy.
All this just so I MIGHT get the energy soulblade.
(as far I know it's a rare and won't always drop when you do manage to kill the "apparation")
Anyway, I might try to see if I can do something different today but I reckon it would be much MUCH easier to just buy it off someone.

24-09-17, 22:16
Or you could team up :D

25-09-17, 19:01
that new WoC blade is better worth it. the Soul Blade Rocks!

27-09-17, 02:02
Energy soulblade is only very slightly better in terms of damage than a long laserblade II though(?)
Unless it happens to do something that the laserblade II don't like a dot or debuff??