View Full Version : RPOS - Where can I find those awesome RPOS ??!

Kalonji Faya
03-08-17, 13:28
Hi buddies !!

I'm making a big zip file with all the RPOS I found and some that I was given from former clan members who kept their RPOS only for their members. I think its better to share ;)

That's why I' m wondering if you people could help me to find those RPOS :

- First RPOS (a runner on testserver has it, maybe you ?!) (http://imgur.com/bDFm0df)
- Second one (my favourite, seems to be Philchow's one, any news from him ??!) (http://philch0w.free.fr/neocron/rockinhud.jpg)

So if anybody has those RPOS files, please send me a private message !! I'll include it in my big RPOS archive file :D

Thanks a lot for your help runners !