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10-07-17, 16:58
I was always fascinated how little pieces of electronics can improve our bodies. From simple things, like reinforced bones to very complex ones like artificial hearts and brain implants. Last ones are most interesting. Discharging electric charges in correct place and with correct power, they can stimulate the brain increasing reflexes or motor skills needed for everyday life and productive day. Those implants are not so expensive, so they are used practically by everyone. Still, one thing related to custom evolution concerned me - yes, the RPOS.
RPOS, or Retina Projected Operating System, is a system to aid in selfbody monitoring. Digging up its history was very hard, most because its top secret informations for sake of citizen protection. I totally respect that, but my curiosity won and using my personal connections with ex Protopharm employees, I obtained it.
The core of the system is microcomputer brain chip consisting with various probes spreaded among the body. The display is achieved by intercepting signals from the brain to the eye and adding some information to it. The chip itself is powered by electricity that brain creates through nerves. Probes are placed near the heart, pancreas, liver, throat and the each limb. Probes read various information like poisoning level, hormones or estimating body fatigue. It can even recognize substances that went through mouth and display the effects from them, like medical pills.
Limb probes have also another function. They can send information through induction with various devices. Most used in biometrics or Medicare recreation units. Limb probe send pinpoint information about any wounds on the body for recreation unit precisely apply medical support for maximum optimal healing.
Body condition is estimated mostly with levels of hormones in the body, but with the twist - program is self-learning to estimate maximum level. Because telling how long you can run is impossible, program estimates the max measuring the extremes user did so far. When it detect that value is too high, it will display that amount of stamina is low, but if user still makes fast movements detected from limb probes, max value will probably increase.
Same thing with PSI meter - every PSI amplifier glove module has fixed PSI energy cost, but with constant learning and improving cost can be lowered and OS adapt to those changes changing factor that measure max PSI brainwave potential and display it as a value. Armor probes send their information as well.
Induction allows also to eliminate display from various tools. For holding the Cryton's research tool, OS recognizes that and can assign nanites and datacube to send data from, but most useful used function for that is weaponry. Holding a gun allow to display power/ammunition or weapon condition, switching modes and so on. Drones use their own interface looking similar to OS, but they work in different way since you dont physically touch the drone itself. Beside of using tools, touching also allow to pay or receive payment in stores, completely eliminating ancient times of banking machines.
Last function is hypercom. Using little receiver hidden near ear, user can receive and send messages in various channels using radio waves. There is a rumor saying that everything send by hypercom is recorded by goverment, but it was never proved. In the same way, there is transmitted location and compass. Buildings have trasmitters located creating a great network, allowing to show precise way to a set destination.
I'm impressed how well it all works. Hidden deep in the body, resistant to jammers and EMP. The case with monitoring the citizen need to be investigated, though. If this is true, then I'm in trouble just writing this. I hope its not. I just need to catch some specimen to dig out the RPOS chips. Working on dead ones is pointless, because chip is self destructing after sensing the body cease to function. I need to succeed!

~A diary, found next to massacred urecognizable body found inspecting the Outzone sewers. Author unknown.