View Full Version : Patch R#224-T#49 - Stealth Bug

02-07-17, 12:23
A new Patch is available for Vedeena!

Gameworld & Content

Enemy Provoke & Distract Mind are working as intented now
fixed a item info typo (Ancient PSI Glove)
a script error was fixed (Ancient PSI Glove)


The "stealth bug" is more problematic than expected - it seems an old bug got triggered accidentally that needs to get sorted asap - In the meanwhile there is an 'workaround' active to avoid to getting uncloaked to fast

03-07-17, 16:33
Tested on Verdeena- The workaround is more problematic, on the test server a stealth-er now will appear in stealth on others screens, so he cant be shot but is able to attack others... The majority of these "bugs" surfaced with PL 213 4 Feb 2017 18:25--- Prior to that the PL was 212 as of 11 Dec 2016 16:40 where 90% of these net code related issues were not issues. Rather than burden yourself of fixing these issues which have been ongoing since February almost 5 months... Could you roll back to PL212 where we have a far more stable and enjoyable game to play.