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27-06-17, 19:54
A new Patch is available for Vedeena!

Gameworld & Content

added item info for "Ancient PSI Gloves"
"Warbots Bane" script updated*
"Ancient PSI Glove" script updated*
"Claw of the Lizard" script updated*
changed dummy/idle scripts for new NPCs: "Dead Warbot", "Private Lance", "Lieutenant Cortez" and "Terminal"
removed flying trees in sector J02
"Brother Cyrus" moved to "Calida Village" ("Ancient PSI Glove" Mission)

* Thanks @Nidhogg (https://forum.neocron-game.com/member.php?15821-Nidhogg) for the proof reading! :)

Known Issues "Warbots Bane"

wrong Itemmodel for the weapon (Avalon is creating a complete new Model for this weapon!)

06-07-17, 09:00
Just got my computer back earlier today (was in the process of moving).

All this stuff looks great! Keep up the awesome work <3

13-07-17, 09:32
Any update on when the stats for the new weapons will be updated? Would be nice to log in and test out the new numbers on the PTS.

PS. All Hail Avalon