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26-06-17, 23:49
A new Patch is available for Vedeena!

Gameworld & Content

the NPC "dead warbot" is now a dead warbot
added some more decoration in I03 and H11 (for the new WoC Missions)
the new script is now giving out the "Claw of the Lizard" with slots
corrected some syntax and grammar in the new scripts
added item info for "Claw of Liazard"
added item info for "Warbots Bane"
added item info for "Claw of the Lizard"- Lootitem

Known Issues "Warbots Bane"

wrong Itemmodel for the weapon (Avalon is creating a complete new Model for this weapon!)

27-06-17, 05:40
-The NPC "dead warbot" looks awesome!
-Claw of Lizard doesn't seem to have any stats. Is this intentional at this point?
-Warbot's Bane item info doesn't appear to be any different than before

The updates are amazing <3

27-06-17, 09:35
There are two items: "Claw of the mutated Lizard" (Lootitem) and "Claw of the Lizard" (Weapon).
Checked it 1 min ago on PTS, the weapon has stats.