View Full Version : Patch R#223-T#40-42

20-06-17, 20:23
A new Patch is available for Vedeena!

Gameworld & Content

"Ancient pergament" renamed to "Ancient parchment"
added Iteminfo for "Ancient parchment"
all Outpost Hackterms are solid now

As always: Please test all changes and give us your feedback, many thanks! :)

Known Issues "Warbots Bane"

wrong Itemmodel for the particle and the weapon (Avalon is creating a complete new Model for this weapon!)
the 'dead Warbot' is not dead, it's an NPC (Spy)

20-06-17, 21:17
Tested and the hack terms are indeed solid now. Thank you! Some other structures like the stuff on the roof of the hack term building at factories, you can still walk through those.

Others that come to mind are the big container looking things in the Simmons OP, various trees, the NEXT sign at DRT. Rock in field east of Grant (and same rock in other places). Tristar has a tree that doubles as a chair.

Edit: Maybe make some of the smaller bushes and stones not have hit detection. Silly when a Rhino tank is stopped by a tiny bush.

21-06-17, 05:44
I just made the terms solid for now.
If I have the time I will also check the other stuff there, like structures on the roofs, stones and bushes etc.

If you see any other "fails" please report it (sometimes a screen would be nice, for floating boxes for example).