View Full Version : Patch R#223-T#39

19-06-17, 19:21
A new Patch is available for Vedeena!

Gameworld & Content

added some dynamic NPCs for GM spawns
a new WoC Mission was added to the Gameworld, called "THE ANCIENT PSI GLOVE" (PSI Mission)
"Warbots Bane" requires now WoC (as intended)

You can start the Mission in B07 (Point Red): "Brother Cyrus" is waiting for you!

Please test the new mission and give me your feedback, thanks! :)

Known Issues "Warbots Bane"

wrong Itemmodel for the particle and the weapon (Avalon is creating a complete new Model for this weapon!)
the 'dead Warbot' is not dead, it's an NPC (Spy)

19-06-17, 19:34
Great job, nice to see something positive going on here, everybody loves new content.

19-06-17, 19:54
Hopefully you guys like the new missions :)

A third one is in work (WoC Melee), btw.