View Full Version : Neocronicle: New Security For Neocrons Most Amusing Quarters

16-02-17, 13:31

All kinds of adult entertainment are traditionally to be found in Neocrons lower districts, namely the Pepper Park. Offering fun, games and bloodshed, these parts of our city are less thoroughly administrated by the law and its enforcers, the NCPD. This has led to an undesireable increase in acts of senseless violence, so business owners in the entertainment boroughs of Neocron were looking for a solution. Fortunately this seems to be ready at hand, as a new corporation by the name of „Red Pepper Security“ is stepping in, as we speak. And your first source of information, the Neocronicle, was in place to do an interview with a representative of this corporation via a secure and encrypted new audio chat app supplied by some specialists in Tech Haven, called WhatsHack.

Q: „Sir, let my first express my gratitude for your quick reaction and...“
A: „Yeah. My time is precious.“
Q: „So, uhm, what are your plans for the Pepper Park and its security?“
A: „Simple. We move in to Club Veronique.“
Q: „And if some wrongdoer would…?“
A: „We kill him.“
Q: „Oh. But what if his friends show up for retali…?“
A: „We kill them, too.“
Q: „What if some copbot..?“
A: „We kill it.“
Q: „That sounds... inspiring. In terms of confidence. So, last question: Who‘s behind Red Pepper, who‘s in charge or who‘s backing this new corporation?“
A: „I could tell you, but then i‘d have to kill you“.
Q: „But the public has a right to know…!“
A: „ [sounds of plasma ammo being loaded into a gun] … Mr. Tudor VanDerMeer, we know where you live.“
Q: „Why, yes, thank you for your patience an good luck making the Pepper Park a better place for...“
A: “click.“

This new security enterprise surely is a force to be reckoned with. While somewhat short on words, they seem pretty confident in their doing. Be sure, the Neocronicle will keep you posted of future developments in the Pepperhood.